Episode 10: How to End Non-stop Begging

season 6

Today is Q&A Friday on The We Nurture Podcast and our Instagram followers voted for todays topic on how to end non-stop begging. First, I’ll discuss why begging is a learned behavior and the importance of teaching your child to accept your decision. I also discuss why suppressing your child’s emotions is not helpful for establishing healthy communication. Next, I’ll talk about how you can calm yourself and really listen to your child and then I’ll go through some steps you can take to help your child stop begging. I’ll look into three examples of how you can help your child learn to wait before discussing three things you can avoid doing in a begging situation. Finally, I’ll discuss the role you may be playing in modeling this learned behavior and encourage you to self-reflect in order to help your child learn how to wait. Tune in to end your child’s begging today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why begging is a learned behavior.
  • The importance of teaching children to accept their parents’ decisions.
  • The importance of allowing your children to express their emotions and not suppressing them.
  • Establishing healthy communication.
  • Some steps to help you stop your child’s begging.