#84 The Groundhog Family Goes to Farmer John’s Compost Pile

Once upon a time, in a green meadow dotted with wildflowers, there was a cozy earthen hollow that went deep into the ground. This is where a family of groundhogs lived. Every morning they climbed out of their hollow and ate handfuls of yellow dandelions and red clover. But it was not enough food for little groundhog because he was always hungry. So the family scurried to Farmer John’s compost pile to look for good food to eat. 

We recommend this story for ages 3 – 7

/ About the Author: Chinyelu Kunz

Chinyelu Kunz, is the founder of We Nurture Collective. In 2020, after 25 years as a Waldorf early childhood educator, her growing passion to support parents of young children, on a bigger platform, led her to leave classroom teaching. She created the parenting podcast, We Nurture which was quickly followed by The Stories for Children podcast. She loves writing stories for children and hopes to do this more in the future.